It’s Not {just} the Algorithm

A podcast on how you got social media fucked up.

Social media marketing is more than just finding the right hashtags, your strategy and content can make or break your relationships. I’ve worked in this industry for long enough to see it go from on point “You can still dunk in the dark.” to LinkedIn Stories – which, let’s be honest, if LinkedIn saw the kind of ephemeral content Snapchat did, I would NEVER be hired. I digress, I’ve been here a while and I have a lot to say. It’s not {just} the algorithm will candidly tackle all the reasons why your content isn’t reaching your customers, freelance business fun, and everything I’ve learned {and am still learning} along the way.

Do you work in social {manager, strategist, new to the game} and want to be on the show? Or have questions about the industry you’d like me to answer, or address? LMK! Follow the podcast and I below.

It’s Not {just} the Algorithm: Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

(links open in new tab) Simple, short intro about who I am and what the podcast is about. {TL;DR – bad social media takes, growing in the industry, answering your questions about social media management, digital marketing strategies and so on!} Follow the podcast on Twitter @injta_pod my personal social @maefoofoo on IG and Twitter! Intro Music by […]

It’s Not {just} the Algorithm: Say Less

(links open in new tab) This episode touches on the absolute bullshit of sentiments like “No matter who you voted for, we’re all human beings…” and why it’s totally fine for you to maybe shut up, and do work instead. We see you. {Note – Ophelia Lenore Mai was ON SOME SHIT today, so you […]