The Cat & Her Person

Kitten with large eyes.
Just two cool cats staring at each other.

We are Monique & Ophelia Lenore Mai

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Ophelia Lenore Mai {pronounced like “may”}, is a domestic shorthair mix, born on August 15th 2020, she was adopted from the Tompkins County SPCA, into her forever home with me, Monique, on October 15th 2020.

Ophelia Lenore Mai is the first kitten I’ve adopted, and the first I’ve ever owned as an adult with intentions of being my own pet companion, and there hasn’t been a moment of disappointment. Ophelia Lenore Mai is small, goofy, testy, adorable, and feisty – it’s as if we’re each other’s perfect match. We’re both happy that you’re here!

If you have questions for me regarding Ophelia Lenore Mai’s care, personality, etc. please email me. Some notable cat things:

  • I’m using Kitty Poo Club and I LOVE THE HELL OUT OF IT {we get the silica litter} if you use that link to subscribe you’ll receive 20% off, and I’ll receive rewards that help me save on Phi Phi’s poo boxes.
  • I had begun curating a Kitten Cat Things list long before Ophelia Lenore Mai was ever adopted, so if you’d like to send her a gift, you may!
  • Finally, like many other organizations everywhere, our local animal shelter has seen some challenges during the pandemic. They were AMAZINGLY accommodating when I emailed to make an appointment, incredibly knowledgeable, very responsive, and their social game is on point {which is important to me}. Please consider making a gift to the Tompkins County SPCA for Ophelia Lenore Mai so that other animal babies may find loving, permanent homes of their own.
Small kitten looking up at a camera, she is sitting on a teal, square ottoman.
Sleeping kitten on the back of a couch.