20 Black & Brown Folk in #MarketingTwitter Because I Cannot For the Life of Me Understand Why We’re Still Not Being Seen, Heard, or Honored in This the Year of Our Lord 2020

Black woman looking down at phone.
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

The bells are ringing, and 2020 is rapidly coming to its inevitable, but hard fought, end. Compilation lists are out – and still overwhelmingly, unsurprisingly, white af. Black and brown folks set the trends, the standard, and yet we are still disturbingly overlooked.

I couldn’t compile all of my favorite Tweets from this year, but instead here are my favorite Black & brown folk to follow on Twitter – fellow social media managers, digital strategists, marketing wonders all of them. Is this everyone? Not even close. But to start, here is a very simple list of 20 Black and brown people in marketing that you’re probably not following {even I wasn’t until recently because ImPoStOr SyNdRoMe}, but should.

(All links open in a new tab)

  1. @jaydeipowell
  2. @EjoleeM
  3. @imjontolbert
  4. @chvrlesjr
  5. @princessology
  6. @iamjenpearson
  7. @lewisalex10
  8. @BklynActiveMama
  9. @just4victor
  10. @abrothanamedCed
  11. @_BiancaKathryn
  12. @justiceaudre
  13. @OnlineDrea
  14. @hellobrittnee
  15. @Codishaa
  16. @AllThingsMikita
  17. @ktippyy
  18. @badassboz
  19. @thelatashajames
  20. @somewhere__good – an upcoming platform by us, for us. Finally.

Creatively, Black and brown folk are killing the game. Remember that every day, but especially at the the end of the year when you’re writing another “Best of” list, okay?

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