It’s Not {just} the Algorithm: Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

(links open in new tab) Simple, short intro about who I am and what the podcast is about. {TL;DR – bad social media takes, growing in the industry, answering your questions about social media management, digital marketing strategies and so on!}

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Hey everybody, welcome to the It’s Not Just the Algorithm podcast.

My name is Monique. I’m your host, and as I like to do when I start a new podcast – which is, at this point, annually – I will start this episode with an introduction and some things that you can expect from this podcast.

As I said, my name is Monique. I have been working in some form of social media, or Internet activities, for well over a decade. Started with blogging, I was a virtual assistant, I have managed social media for small Etsy shops, boutique shops, things like that.

In the last couple of years I kind of got back into it, I took a few years of hiatus – I was a stay at home mom. I decided a couple of years ago that maybe I would get back into this and then I kind of fell into hospitality instead which was, and still kinda is, a great love of mine. And then I started to actually do social media for hospitality and I was like ‘Oh, well look at how these two beautiful worlds of mine collided.’

Sort of.

The job sucked, and I didn’t really get to do as much social media as I’d hoped.

My current job title is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at one of our local nonprofits. And while it’s not exactly the kind of social media that I would like to be doing, working in the nonprofit sector has been enlightening. I really enjoy learning this perspective.

I feel like it just kind of fully fleshes out who I am as a social media professional. On the side, I do have a freelance business. It is dormant. And it is dormant because I got my day job two days after launching my website.

I figured I would give the day job a good chance to kind of get into that groove, and then I would just pick up freelancing in my free time, right? That made sense to me. But of course, as life does, it got a little hectic. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, my relationship was ending, I was moving out. Freelance has kind of stayed a very quiet side thing.

I’m glad that I had the time to wait it out though. Because it gave me an opportunity to sit with my own work and realize that thing that would really fill my soul, what would make working in social media just that much better, would be working exclusively with Black owned businesses, Black owned brands, Black influencers. Because, quite frankly, I have worked nothing but with white led organizations and I know what it’s like to not be able to bring my full self to work, or not to be able to work as a Black woman like in my full Black capacity. Um, and there’s nobody that I want to see succeed more than us, because I already know that we’re not granted the same opportunities – or – granted the same opportunities with the same ease, as others.

So that’s what I do, or rather that’s what I will do. One day when I stop letting impostor syndrome beat me around.

And that is a really, really like, that’s a joyful idea for me.

So what I would like for this podcast, what I hope it will be, is a resource. For whatever reason, maybe you have a business, maybe you’re starting a business. Social media changes so fast, and so frequently, I feel like it would be a really cool thing to listen to this later on in the future and be like ‘What kind of stuff were we doing in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, and on – currently – day three of this general Presidential election.’. I’ll probably talk shit about some bad takes, especially from bigger brands. I have thoughts on how social media should be run – LinkedIn never needed stories – never. Nobody wanted that, and nobody wants it. I’ve only seen it used once from my network, although in fairness, my network is very small ’cause I don’t use LinkedIn. It just kind of sits there, and I only use it when I’m looking for a job.

So, I guess, I want to share stuff like that with you all. Especially today, in 2020. When people are starting new businesses left and right, and they are having trouble with Facebook and its algorithm, and Instagram and its Facebook algorithm, because they like the same thing. And breaking into Twitter, and all of this other stuff. I have seen all of these things come up, and every single day I’m learning something new about social media, a network and how to best utilize it. And it goes beyond just finding, like the right hashtags to use. It goes beyond finding the best times to post. It’s a lot of stuff that you put into it. Why not talk about silly things that I’ve done, I’ve learned.

And also, I’m hoping, and this is your cue – to have some social media peeps on the show. So whether you are doing social media for your own business, or you have started a giant social media company, agency, whatever, and you’re like a part of that. If you also work in the nonprofit sector, I definitely want to hear from you, because holy bananas it is a whole wide, weird nonprofit world, and I can always use a little insight there. For selfish reasons.

I wanna answer questions, and have conversations about social media which is something that I very much love. I could not have found the community that I have – I’ve got friends in Narnia who helped me furnish my apartment. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without social media. So, social media is kind of my jam.

It being monetized is total bullshit. It sucks. I can agree that’s maybe why a lot of people are not fans of social media anymore. And it is a valid reason, because they have totally fucked up on the monetizing part. What’s important to them now is making money off of these friendships that we’re creating, and it sucks. And off of our data! Which I’m probably not going to get into. Although, at some point, I’m happy to sit and have like a roundtable discussion about like The Social Media Dilemma, or The Social Dilemma, or whatever the fuck it was on Netflix. Like, let’s – hit a girl up.

That’s what this podcast will be for. I haven’t decided yet if I want a cohost. I think that I probably do shorter episodes when it’s just me talking to myself. But I’m definitely open to having guests. So if you are at the, I’m sick of this fucking job and I’m sick of working in this fucking industry point of your profession, or you’re starting classes to become a social media or marketing professional – hit me up and I can put you on the show and that would be awesome.

Aside from that, I look forward to seeing you all, or speaking to you all in episode two.

Thanks for listening!

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