About Me

Hi! I’m Monique Anna Elizabeth

I am not currently taking on any new clients, but you can still check out the blog and listen to the podcast!

{She/Her/Hers} CEO of Stars Aligned, LLC. Five foot tall cardinal fire sign, with a profound love of music, penchant for most things geeky, and a wild variety of hobbies ranging from painting D&D miniatures to rollerskating. I reside in Central New York with my partner and our family.

I am almost ashamed at how many of my most passionate journeys began with MySpace. My interests in web development {HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Rails}, blogging {Wordpress, Squarespace, Blogger, does anyone remember Xanga?}, digital photography, graphic design, and social media management all started with social networking a la MySpace. I saw the inception of social media, and have spent nearly half of my life watching social media marketing develop, learning and employing each platform’s best practices, understanding algorithms and interpreting analytics, and adapting to the rapidly changing Internet scene. I’ve been fascinated with social media since I was 19 years old, and have been officially working in the industry – helping small businesses start and acclimate to social media, and as a virtual assistant – since 2012.

Your business, your brand, your influence need to be on social media, and it can be a difficult landscape to navigate. It would be my absolute pleasure to help!

{Please do note: I only work with Black public figures, Black-owned brands, and businesses. Feel free to ask me why.}

Transparency & Courage
I commit to being honest about the process of managing your social media, and am dedicated to open communication.

Inclusive Social Media Management
Representation matters. I will ensure diversity and accessibility are not afterthoughts, but always the first thing considered with every post.

Creation & Curation
I can raise your brand from the ground up, or build upon the foundation you’ve already laid.

To reiterate; I am not currently taking on any new clients, but you can still check out the blog and listen to the podcast!

Anything else you’d like to know? Use this contact form to get in touch with me!

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